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We deliver to EU, USA and Canada directly from our factory in China. Other countries please contact us first. Delivery Time approx: 10-15 working days. Please contact us for order. The price will be depending on the delivery country. We give you price with Customs and VAT of your country included. Any Questions? Just comment below the Video. Pricing: USA: 1499$ Canada: 1599$ EU: 1299€ Please follow us: more Dolls coming up soon. Height: 168cm Weight: 31kg upper bust:81cm Underbust: 72cm The waist: 60cm Hip: 91cm Shoulder width:47cm Arm length: 68cm Foot long:22cm Thigh length: 81cm lateral thigh: 101cm Leg length: 99cm palm: 17cm Neck:29cm depth of mouth: 14cm depth of vagina: 18cm depth of anus: 15cm


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