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Bitte besuchen Sie auch unseren Bestseller: Japanesische Sexpuppe "Amaya" We deliver to EU, USA and Canada directly from our factory in China. Other countries please contact us first. Delivery Time approx: 10-15 working days. Please contact us for order. We give you price with Customs and VAT of your country included. Any Questions? Just comment below the Video. Pricing: USA: 599$ Canada: 699$ EU: 499€ Please follow us: more Dolls coming up soon. Height: 100cm Weight: 13kg upper bust: 59cm Underbust: 39cm The waist: 35cm Hip: 59cm Shoulder width:23cm Arm length: 25cm Foot long: 14.5cm Thigh length: 44cm lateral thigh: 57cm Leg length: 29cm palm: 12cm Neck:20cm depth of mouth: 10.5cm depth of vagina: 15.5cm depth of anus: 12.5cm


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