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Description: There are many incredible sex dolls out there. Some have a realistic feel, a lifelike look, can give their owner incredible pleasure....but only Dahlia can boast the ultimate fantasy turned reality, with a true-to-life, actual fucking experience! She is 62 inches of pure pleasure, yours to have any time you want her. Her soft, porcelain skin is flawlessly wrapped around a sophisticated skeletal system. Her bones and joints move realistically, and allow you to pose her in many different positions. She is designed to stay in place once you have her how you want her. Once you have her in position, you can choose either her plush pussy or tight ass, grab her lifelike hips, and pound as hard as you like. A hole at the small of her back makes for easy cleaning. With her 32-24-32 figure and her full C cup breasts, you can enjoy playing dress up. She comes with her own nighty with matching panties. Brush and style her long hair. Kiss her pouty pink lips. Run your hands across her smooth skin. Enjoy the full girlfriend experience in the privacy of your own home. Comes with two wigs, caramel and black, which are removable so you can take her in the bath with you when it is time to clean up. Measurements: 62 inches in total length, 32 inches around at chest, 24.5 inches around at waist, 32 inches around at hips. Material: SexFlesh (TPR), plastic, acrylic Color: Flesh Note: With continual bending of the joints its not uncommon to get small tears in the realistic skin like material. We recommend a gentle touch to protect her from skin tears near the joints. Dahlia should be stored separately from all dyed clothing or material as she can absorb pigment from extended contact. Comes with two wigs, cleansing bottle, multi speed vibrating bullet, white nightie, and matching thong. All other accessories and outfits not included. Retail packaging consists of a plain brown box.


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