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In this exceptional video, we take a look at the hashtag #sexdolls and #sexdollswillnever that are trending on Twitter (1/20/2018)... as well as the history of sex dolls and robots. Best of the Internet // Wednesday Nights @ 9pm EST Let's make fun of the Internet together! Follow on all social media @mrjoshuashaw New Schedule for 2018! Best of the Internet is LIVE Wednesdays at 9pm EST! Now broadcasting on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Periscope and Twitter at the same time! Although Wednesday's are the OFFICIAL big show of the week, expect shorter streams randomly when I find something cool to show you lol. TWITCH LIVE- MY MUSIC- My new album "American Nightmare" out NOW! MY BOOK- Yes, I'm an author. Check out my new project "The Book of Ninety Three" available on Amazon! Go read the reviews... SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS- DISCORD - Add me to your server! I'll come hang out MrShaw #6373


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