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Big Dream World! Robots & Real Doll Bots (Sex Doll) To Replace women? Omelly Walk With Me Fire? DC Source Future Plans! DC Source Reviews Dream Chaser Member & Cousin Of Meek Mill Omelly 's New Mixtape Walk With Me! Open Phone Lines! Call In To Discuss Playoffs 1-567-318-4723 for your DC Source Merch! Bookmark it! The Cardi & King Yella Call Shows The Difference Between Cardi B & Nicki Minaj! Could Nicki have done more to dispel rumors from enemy rappers during her relationship with Meek Mill? On Monday (Jan. 8), Eminem unleashed his "Chloraseptic (Remix)," which featured some furious bars from himself, 2 Chainz and Phresher. Within minutes of its release, folks noted that Slim Shady had come for all of his Revival critics. One of those critics was Joe Budden, and now, Em's D12 bandmate Bizarre has confirmed that Em was, indeed, coming at the former Everyday Struggle host. MMG VS YMCMB! How Rick Ross & The GOAT Meek Mill Destroyed The YMCMB Empire! YMCMB Which Houses Drake, Lil Wayne, Birdman & Nicki Minaj Among Others, Has Not Been The Same Since Their Secrets Were Exposed! Soundcloud page: Real Hip Hop Take! Joe Budden Leaves Complex? Rick Ross Top 10? MMG On Top? Free Meek Mill! Birdman Broke? 12/28/2017 Show! Sponsored By Workhorses Detroit! Shop at Workhorses Detroit! Subscribe to Big Dream World To For Honest Hip Hop Opinion, Commentary, And More! Stream Wins and Losses On YouTube: Subscribe to Big Dream World To For Honest Hip Hop Opinion, Commentary, And More! Also Subscribe To DC $OURCE The #1 Spot for Dream Chaser, MMG, and Meek Mill news, exclusives, and fan reaction. Check us on IG @dreamchasersource Check us on Twitter @DChaserSource Don't Forget To Subscribe!


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