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whatsapp/wechat:+86-17686795135 Email:[email protected] Q:Which kind of sex doll you could supply? A:We could supply young girl sex doll,Adult women sex doll,Cartoons sex doll and Male Model. Q:What is the main function of the sex doll? A:It have Oral/Anal/Vagina 3 holes for sex. breast,hands and foot for real touch. Q:How about the height of the doll? A:Our standared sex doll for men height:100CM/110CM/120CM/125CM/128CM/130CM/133CM/138CM/148CM/158CM/165CM/168CM,our male model sex doll height at 160CM. Q:Can we choose the head of the sex doll? A:Yes,our sex doll have difference kind of heads,eyes,wigs,skin colors,nail colors optional. Q:Which kind of additional choice we could choose from the sex doll? A:Custom intelligent voice dialogue pronunciation,normal voice,touch sound,body constant heating,standing,pussy hair for your choice.


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