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Both TPE real Sex dolls and Silicone sex doll are hot on market. TPE has become more popular in buying because it’s skin color feeling are much realistic and soft, also the breast are very soft like real girl, Silicone is better in good looking ,so we also say silicone sex doll sometime not only adult toys, but also artworks. And all of our realistic sex dolls have a flexible and fully metal skeleton that will allow you to use them in any position you ever imagined(also please mind this is only a toy, also need your good caring.) And for cost, TPE love sex doll are cheaper than Silicone love dolls, that is also why it much popular. But to meet different customers requirement, we provide TPE dolls and also Silicone dolls from different size, and many choice of the body size. Features 1.full 100% solid sex doll 2.3 holes, vagina/ anus/ oral/ breast sex 3.realistic touching feeling 4. material: TPE with metal skeleton inside 5. neutral package, no print, only plain brown carton Dimension about sex doll toys height:160cm model number: FJ160N skin material: TPE inside: TPE with metal skeleton weight:39.5kg breast:98cm waist:58cm hips:103cm vagina depth:18cm anus depth:17cm oral depth:13cm


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