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Sorry for the abrupt ending from this video review (camera battery was empty). Sorry for my amateurish review, but my intention is to transfer useful information. And very sorry for my poor english, if you can not understand me or have some questions. Feel free to ask. This 158 cm TPE Silicone Sex doll with metal skeleton was bought on 4 december 2017 on Aliexpress. Store name: "High Quality Sex Store" Delivered by Fedex on 14 december 2017. It took just 10 days from buying till dilivery. Had ask this seller a few questions like: Lowest price on the invoice, measurements, requests for nails, wigs and a pair of extra green eyes. My experience with Chinese sellers: Ask 1 question at a time, wait for your answer and ask again. If you ask more than 1 question in 1 email, most of the time they answer just 1 question. The measurements what i get from the seller:: 158 cm Total Heigth, Bust 86 cm, Waist 57 cm, Hips 85 cm, Feet length 20 cm. Actual measurements fro myself: Heigth 158 cm, Bust 82 cm, Waist (thinnest point) 52 cm, Hips 78 cm. Bought for € 475,53 ($ 560,- US Dollar), Free Shipping and delivery by Fedex. Included 1 pair extra eyes € 484,08 Real weight on a person scale is 29 Kg. Price today on Aliexpress $ 570,- Free Shipping First opening of the huge carton box (well packed) was that she looks very pink. I ordered beige color (what should be a natural color). Other options you have is: White, Beige and Brown. After minutes i was use to her color. Color look more or less like adult toys. My first purchase was a 100 cm doll in brown, and this beige color is much better! I do not find that brown color so beautiful anymore. When she was sitting in my living room, there was some sweet "candy" smell that fills the room. She does not smell, but smells very nice. But that is very personal. My guess is that it disappear after a few bath times. Doll can be used for oral, anal or vaginal pleasure. First look of the head was that her mouth was closed, and in the advert was mentioning also oral pleasure. When I put a finger in her mouth to inspect it, there was some membrane from the molding. Which was very thin and you have to break it throught to open her mouth. I did it with some force, but you can use of course also a knife to cut it open. Minor points from this purchase: Also again something wrong with the thread mount (head, neck). I make it about 8 mm smaller in length. Originally the base of the head was not toughing the neck, There was a big gap between. After i cut 8 mm it was okay. Her arms are too thin. Wish they were thicker. Also her hips should be 85 cm, but i measured only maximum and loose 75 cm. Thats 10 cm smaller than promised! Huge minor, because i like big hips. Therefore her body looks very small below her chest. And her breast looks too big for the body. I prefer a natural look, so thats my personel taste. If you have more questions, feel free to ask. it could take a moment when i answer it. But most of the time i answer whitin a week or so.


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