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Because everyone on the internet and forums tells it is fake / a scam, here's my review. IT IS REAL! Bought at Seller: High Quality Sex Store, Purchased for € 242,15 on 28 September 2017, received 11 October 2017, shipping company Fedex (flight China-Japan-France-Netherlands). To my surprise, did not have to pay import duties for shipping to the Netherlands ! Seller was very helpful, answered all my questions, came up with solutions and did all my requests perfectly. Anyone who wants to order a real cheap TPE Silicone Doll, this seller is the best ! Sorry for my bad english and mumbling. I do my best to inform everyone well and sorry for the bad exposure / video. It was evening when I made the first two videos and with room lamps you never get a good picture. The third video was made during the day with sunlight. In that video, you can see the skin color much better. The head I mounted with a plastic and rubber ring in the thread hole. In this way you can tighten the head and push the rubber. This allows the head to be positioned better and in this way not too loose. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to ask! Or a thumb up. Hopefully did you like my review and information. To be continued.....


100 cm TPE Silicone Doll with Metal Skeleton


TPE Sex Dolls


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