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Because everyone on the internet and forums tells it is fake and a scam, here's my review. IT IS REAL! Bought at Seller: High Quality Sex Store Purchased for € 242,15 on 28 September 2017, received 11 October 2017, shipping company Fedex (flight China-Japan-France-Netherlands). To my surprise, did not have to pay import duties! Seller was very helpful, answered all my questions, came up with solutions and all my requests perfectly taken care of. Anyone who wants to order a real cheap TPE Silicone Doll with metal skeleton inside, this seller is the best ! Sorry for bad English in the video. Try to give you the best possible review. This purchase was purely a test for me. Look for these dolls for years, but everyone is very negative about Chinese sellers. Find these dolls a real piece of art! And the life-sized dolls can also help you with fun things :-) Never dare to buy one. My intention is to buy a large 158 cm doll. However, I found it too expensive to take the guess. That's why I've searched for an alternative and that's the 100 cm doll. Since I liked this 100 cm doll for years (she was and is so cute!), used this model to guess and finally ordered to answer the following questions: Do you really get a silicone doll? Or something completely different? (as most forums say). What are the import duties / custom fee? Top question has now been answered. Namely the ad is right! Seller indeed supplies the product described in the ad! Unbelievable that they can deliver such a beautiful doll for that money! I ask this seller what the lowest amount of money he could put on the bill and the package. This was 100 US Dollar. Also sent a part of the assecoires appart to reduce the overall value. Therefore, this seller is very grateful. Hence this story and the video reviews. A thousend stars for this seller !! An important question remains unanswered. Why I do not have to pay import duties now. Last year bought an item for € 48 and then had to pay € 33 import duties! (was shipped by DHL). Hence my fear of buying a doll of about € 700 - € 900 euro. Blurred regulation here in the Netherlands, too many rules. For those who think an amount of € 700 - € 900 seems expensive. On other internet sites, these silicone dolls with metal skeleton cost 2 to 3 times as much. The same 100 cm TPE silicone doll with metal skeleton I bought, costs on other internet sites $ 1200 - $ 1800 US Dollar! I do not know if my doll is sustainable, but I do not care. Use her purely for photo sessions and video reviews. By the end of this year, I will buy a real life doll and will make reviews of it. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to ask! Or a thumb up. Hopefully did you like my review and information. To be continued.....


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