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Whenever someone fucks with me, I just make a voodoo sex doll to fuck them back. Lyrics: someone always wants to fight it seems like almost every single night i used to walk around with my blade sharpen enough to stick you in the grave but all these idiots are causing me to rage and i wont be locked up in a cage so i study black magic so that i can go on a spiritual attack i swear that i will get you all back when i stick my dick into this sack now you're my magical sex slaves and ill make you all squeal every day ill have an orgasm when i read your obituary i'm tired of fighting so sick of your whining i'll stick it to you with my voodoo sex doll i'll fuck you all voodoo sex doll no one will find safety none of my enemies can hide from me i can reach right threw the walls choke on my balls as they smother your doll the feel the stitches start to rip as i shove in the fat tip a smile starts tears across your face cuz my dick cum has a lovely taste start to push in from the bottom at first it might feel awesome until it reaches the back of your throat eyes turn red as you start to choke i'll have an orgasm when i read your obituary (i call upon the darklings to grant me the power to fuck my enemies to death) * 11-3-2017 * I made this video with FL-Studio ZGameEditor Visualizer plugin ,,/ ,,/


rock metal alternative alt rock alt metal nu metal numetal scream voodoo sex doll voodoo doll sex doll sloppy sex magic dark evil


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