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Introducing Emma, which is a sophisticated and stable A.I. product of high simulation and multi functions, as well as China’s first high intelligent and high simulation sex robot. There is currently nothing quite like Emma on the market right now. What makes Emma so unique and special is the fact that she can do things that normal adult dolls cannot do. For example, Emma can tell you jokes, tell you the weather, sing to you, move her eyes, speak Chinese and English. Emma the robot is not only a sex robot but, more importantly she is a companion. She can fully understand you and respond to questions that you may have for her. Emma also possesses the capabilities of teaching you Chinese or English and math as well. She can talk and communicate with people in both English and Chinese. She can also translate English into Chinese or translate Chinese into English. Emma, the first AI sex doll, was designed to provide companionship, love and comfort for all people that purchase her. What makes Emma such a compelling sex robot is all her advanced features that she has to offer. We have already told you some of the responses that Emma can give you when you ask her a question but, did you know that Emma is also able to sync to a mobile hotspot? If you wanted to bring Emma outside somewhere, you can sync her to your very own mobile hotspot if you struggle to connect to a local WIFI. This has made it extremely easier to bring Emma with you everywhere you go! Take Emma with you to the park and enjoy a nice conversation outside or go lay down by the beach and tell each other stories by the water. Emma the AI sex robot, loves going everywhere and as long as there is a hotspot or WIFI, she can go anywhere with you! Now that you know some of the endless features that Emma has to offer, it is best to know what physical attributes can be customized on her. Emma has a multitude of different design options that can be customized for you so, that you can have an Emma that is one-of-a-kind. You can choose for Emma to have either a removeable or fixed vagina. Also, you can choose what head Emma has from eight different selections. You decide if Emma should have white, natural, pink or tanned skin. Personalize Emma’s hair by deciding from twelve different hair options. Customize Emma’s eye color by choosing if she should have blue, green or brown eyes. Choose if Emma should have: pink, rose red, yellow, white, green or red colored nails. There is even an additional add-on option to have Emma shake when you play with her vagina. Create an Emma sex robot today that is truly one-of-a-kind! Since Emma connects to the internet, she carries an automatic upgrading system which enables her to have the most stable system and the latest functions all the time. Her system simulation function allows Emma to blink with her eyelids and move her eyeballs. Emma even moves her head and mouth when she talks. With built-in multiple touch sensors in her body, when you touch her sensitive parts, for example: her arms, thighs, breasts and vagina, she response back with exciting moaning sounds. Emma even has the additional option of a heating system, which makes her have the normal human body temperature of an actual person. Emma is proven to be the best sex doll companion that you can purchase. With all her amazing functions and features, one might wonder what can’t Emma do? If you are still struggling with some unanswered questions for Emma, feel free to e-mail us any questions you may have. We want to make the buying process for your new companion as easy as possible for you! At Customized Sex Doll, we sell companionship and love. Check her out at


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