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Visit us @ ------------------------------------------------------------- * Free Shipping (DHL Express or UPS) * USA Duty Paid * Discreet Delivery * Limited stock * Limited time Review video of life like leg mannequin TPE silicone made doll with articulated in-built metal skeleton. These silicone legs are very long (110 cm) and heavy (55 pounds) and look incredible realistic life like. The silicone legs are soft to touch and great to display thanks to the quality TPE material used in its production. The silicone legs are very detailed with toes handfinished and looking great with polish on it. The silicone legs has an internal built articulated metal skeleton and the silicone legs can adopt various position Want to know more about these silicone legs? Check out our website please Check-out our top selling sex dolls videos: 1) Suki (110 cm) sex doll review: 2) Sili (100 cm) sex doll review: 3) Saiko (125 cm) sex doll review:


Silicone sex doll silicone leg silicone leg Doll (Collection Category) Human Leg Foot (Anatomical Structure) Feet Mannequin skeleton silicone doll silicone love doll mannequin TPE silicone real doll toes toe nail polish articulated mannequin model leg mod


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